Farmers Market Week

Oregon Celebrates Successful, First-ever Statewide Farmers Market Week!

In 2018, Oregon joined other states across the U.S. in celebrating National Farmers Market WeekBerry Photo Extra Compressed-1 from August 5-11. In coordination with the national Farmers Market Coalition (FMC), the Oregon Farmers Markets Association organized a variety of activities to commemorate the occasion.  Although many markets and market lovers across the state have participated join Farmers Market Week in the past, this is the first year that Oregon has had a coordinated, state-wide push… and we couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out!

Farmers Market Week is really meant to showcase the efforts of our amazing farmers markets, and as such, OFMa and FMC provided a variety of useful tools and templates that markets AND customers can use to get involved in the festivities!  You can check out FMC’s tools here, and also see below for some activities and templates that we further customized for use specifically by Oregon Farmers Markets, Farmers Market Vendors and Farmers Market Shoppers.  They include a farmers market photo contest, customizable press release templates, customizable proclamations for  local government officials and social media promotion tools!

For Farmers Markets AND Farmers Market Customers….

First Annual Oregon Farmers Market Week Photo Contest!

Winner – Vendor Love: Cindy Lin with “Paul, the sweetest flower farmer.”

We love farmers markets and we know you do too! In honor of National Farmers Market Week, we wanted to showcase everything we cherish about our markets in Oregon. From the friendly faces to the beautiful food, “behind the scenes” shots and market-day programs, we wanted to see your reason(s!) for loving farmers markets… so we organized a photo contest!

Farmers market lovers from across the state submitted their photos in one of several categories.  Voting was held, live, on OFMA’s Facebook page, and winners were announced at the end of Farmers Market Week.

2018 Categories were….

  • Pretty Products – Irresistible sungold tomatoes , shining honey jars spread on a beautiful tablecloth… what’s your favorite?
  • Markets on a Mission – From kids activities to food access programs and “green” infrastructure, markets are more than just shopping! Show us your best examples.
  • Vendor Love – Vendors are the heart of markets. It’s small businesses that make the market what it is!
  • Behind the Scenes – Whether it is harvesting or setting up booths, tear-down or mouth-watering dinners made from market-bought goodies, we know a lot of the market-love happens outside of market hours!
  • Market-Day Miscellaneous – We want to see whatever markets mean to you. Funny shots and cute pets are highly encouraged!

GRAND WINNER: Katie Furia, “Farm Direct Nutrition Program” (Markets on a Mission)

Winner – Behind the Scenes: Babette Cousineau, with “Coffee and Potato Breakfast.”

Winner – Market Day Misc: Lyndie, with “This is how I pick berries.”

Winner – Pretty Products: Cindy Lin with “Beautiful Blooms.”

Staff Pick – Rayna with “Carrots and Happiness”

Social Media Tools

We used the following hashtags during Farmers Market Week to celebrate Oregon markets and markets all over the country – and we invited our markets, vendors and shoppers to do the same!
#ORfarmersmarkets       #marketlove     #farmersmarketweek   #lovemymarket              

FMC also provided a variety of FM infographics we used to share on Facebook or other social media platforms.

A Farmers Market Field Trip!

OFMA visited one of our member markets, the Oregon City Farmers Market, on Saturday, August 11, in celebration of Farmers market Week for a #farmersmarektfieldtrip!

We were excited to be one of several sponsors helping to celebrate the FDNP program’s 21st year.  State WIC staff sampled local peaches from Kiyowah Orchards and gave away market tote bags. OSU Extension Service was also onsite offering a “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” market tour, chef’s demo, and an extra $5 for SNAP cardholders who completed the tour. We had a lovely day visiting OCFM, celebrating Oregon markets and fresh fruits and vegetables for all!

If you are a business or funder and are interested in sponsoring a Farmers Market Week activity in 2019, contact us at

Farmers Market Week Proclamations

We were thrilled this year that Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s office issued a statewide proclamation, officially declaring Aug 5-11, 2018 “Oregon Farmers Market Week!” View it here.

Douglas County Commissioners and UVFM Manager, Amanda Pastoria proudly displaying their 2018 Douglas County Farmers Market Week Proclamation

Douglas County Commissioners and UVFM Manager, Amanda Pastoria proudly displaying their 2018 Douglas County Farmers Market Week Proclamation

Getting your own local government officials involved in promoting your market can be a great way to build partnerships, establish credibility and solicit buy-in for your activities.  Requesting your local officials make a proclamation in honor of Farmers Market Week is a great, no-cost tool for doing just that.  To help with this process, we customized a proclamation template, based on FMC’s template, just for Oregon farmers markets to use.