Nursery Stock and Christmas Trees

Licensing for Nursery Stock and Christmas Trees

(Updated 3/4/2018)
Many vendors sell nursery stock, herbaceous plants or Christmas trees in addition to or even as their main product at market.  Having these items at your market can bring great value in terms of visual appeal, diversifying the product mix and increasing customer satisfaction.  It’s important for these vendors to know what rules and regulations apply to them so that they can stay on the right side of Oregon law.
The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is the entity responsible for regulating and licensing these sales, so all vendors should be directed to their offices for information on this topic.  Currently, anyone selling more than $250 in nursery stock in one fiscal year needs a license.  For anyone selling less than $20,000 in gross sales of these items, the current license fee is a $148 flat fee, with an increasing fee scale for those with sales exceeding $20,000 annually.
The ODA website has additional info about selling nursery stock and Christmas trees,  downloadable PDF license forms, an online fee calculator and contact info for questions.