Market Day

Wonder what a day as a market manager or board member will look like if you decide to take on a SNAP/Merchant Service program? There are a number of details that should be taken into consideration. Although every market performs differently, we will provide you an overview of a typical day and responsibilities.

Click here for a Market Day SNAP/Merchant Serviced Preparation document that covers the topics below.

I) Market Day Suppliesart

  • Receipt Box – for lost sales notes and paper receipts
  • Tokens in a zip lock bag
  • Note cards– to record lost sales
  • Notebook – records, resources, and contacts
  • Large Envelope
  • Electronic Card Machine (carrying case,extra paper roll and fully charged)
  • Pack – for “cashier drawer”
  • Calculator, stapler, pen, etc.
  • Optional – Paper vouchers for SNAP in case network fails
  • Consider asking a bank for a “bank bag” for your vendors to hold all their tokens. Perhaps this exchange could turn into a sponsorship

II) Beginning of MarkETmarket

  • Distribute Vendor Reimbursement Envelopes to vendors
    (and checks if applicable)
  • Deliver previous week token collection to Market Cashier
  • Place box/backpack with full token receptacles in secure place
  • Turn on machine and prepare supplies
  • The machine needs to be staffed by the cashier at all times

III) Promote Debit/SNAP SNAP Service in Market carrots

  • Encourage volunteers and vendors to inform customers about the service
  • Post signage for customers
  • Announce the service if you have a announcement system

IV) Customer Purchase of Tokens

  • SNAP Transaction
    SNAP tokens can be any denomination but are typically $1 with no minimum purchase or surcharge to be used only at your market. No change is given back. Refer to FNS eligible foods for purchase.
  • Debit/Credit Transaction
    Let the customer know there is a $1.50 convenience fee (if you choose to use this method) which is used to support the SNAP program at the farmers market. These tokens are treated like cash; change is given.

V) End of the Market Daypear

  • Follow the procedure for your machine to print and send a batch report
  • Print a batch report for your records and place in receipt box
  • Have Vendors count their tokens and fill in Vendor Reimbursement Forms
  • Collect Vendor Reimbursement Envelopes with tokens from each vendor

VI) Market Account Reconciliationpeaches

Refer to the Market Account Reconciliation (pdf) document which addresses: market day token reserves, risk management decisions, vendor token return form, market day transaction form, market day summary report, end of month statement reconciliation, and end of market season.