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Other State Organizations
Farmers' Markets - General Research and Helpful Information
SNAP - also known as food stamps
Rules and Regulations
Questionnaires and Interviews

State Farmers' Markets
California Certified Farmers' Markets

Washington State Farmers Markets

Farmers' Markets - General
A Learning Approach to Strengthening Farmers' Markets 
Analyzing Three Farmers' Markets in Corvallis and Albany, Oregon
Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook - U. of Arizona
Enhancing the Success of Northwest Farmers' Markets: An Executive Summary
Establishing and Operating a Community Farmers's Market - U. of Kentucky
Guide to Managing Liability Risks for Farmers Markets
How Do Farmers' Markets Affect Neighboring Businesses?
Ohio Consumer Opinions of Roadside Markets and Farmers' Markets
Organic Produce, Price Premiums and Eco-Labeling in U.S. Farmers' Markets
Tips for Designing a Good Market Web Site
Understanding the Link Between Farmers' Market Size and Management Organization
When Things Don't Work: Some Insights Into Why Farmers' Markets Close
Why People Attend Farmers' Markets
How to Start your Business at a Local Market: A Vendor Handbook

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Real Food, Real Choice: Connecting SNAP Recipients with Farmers Markets
Serving Food Stamp Clients at Farmers’ Markets: a Portland, Oregon Case Study
Free SNAP/EBT Machine from DHS Flyer

Farmers Markets Today Magazine

Rules and Regulations
Farmer's Markets Rules, Regulations and Opportunities

Questionnaires and Interviews
Dot Posters: A Practical Alternative to Written Questionnaires and Oral Interviews
Rapid Assessment of Five Oregon Farmers' Markets: Quantitative Results
Rapid Assessment of Five Oregon Farmers' Markets: Qualitative Results
Tools for Rapid Market Assessments