Presentations and Handouts

These resources are from OFMA Annual Meetings and the Farmers Market Track sessions at the OSU Oregon Small Farms Conference.


2017 Rural Farmers Market Workshops

  1. Engaged Boards and Effective Management
    Presented by: Jordan Boldt, Executive Director, Vancouver Farmers Market
    Presentation: RFMW_Jordan.Boldt
    Farmers Market Board of Director Resources
    -  Board Member Duties & Responsibilities
  2. Budget Building and Revision: making ends meet
    Presented by: Stacy Carkonen, Executive Director, Tacoma Farmers Market
    Presentation: RFMW_Stacy.Carkonen
    Need Brainstorming doc
    -  Sample budget spreadsheet available by request

2017 Farmers Market Track

  1. Local Food - Local Funding: How to find local funders to grow your market
    Presented by: Stacy Carkonen, Executive Director, Tacoma Farmers Market
    -  Presentation: Fundraising_SFC_Stacy.Carkonen
    fundraising strategies
    Tasty Tips
  2. Fun at the Farmers Market
    Presented by: Allison Harris, Nutrition Program Coordinator, OSU Extension Service of Coos County; Sonia Reagan & Becky White, Community Outreach Specialists, Clatskanie Farmers Market
    Presentation: Events_SFC_Allison.Harris
    -  Presentation: Events_SFC_ClatskanieFM
    Implementing Nutrition Ed at Your Market Detailed Outline_SFC.2
    December 2015 - SPINACH
    Drink Water Monthly English
    Eligible Food Items _ Food and Nutrition Service
    SNAP EBT Sign
    -  CFM Food Demos Handout
    Backpack Postcard June 2016 SNAP focus
    BountifulClatskanie_Vol. 2, No.1
    Fun With Kids at the Farmers Market
  3. Your Farmers Market is Unique -- Tell Your Story
    Presented by: Robin B Crowder, Marketing and Development Director, 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living
    Presentation: Marketing_SFC_Robin.Crowder
    Links for Marketing and Social Media
    Marketing Checklist for vendors
    Peer Evaluation Report Card
    ROI evaluation

2016 Farmers Market Track

  1. Producing and Selling Value Added Foods in Oregon
    Presented by: Kelly Streit, OSU Extension Family & Community Health, Clackamas County; Will Fargo, Food Safety Specialist, Oregon Department of Agriculture
    Presentation: Value_Added_K.Streit_Feb.20.2016
  2. Smart Marketing: Effective and Thrifty Methods to More Customers (and more money)
    Presented by: Mark Wall, Coordinator, Thriving Markets
    Presentation: Marketing_M.Wall_Feb.20.2016
    M.Wall_seven strategies workshop
    M.Wall_two percenters
  3. Double Up Food Bucks:  Oregon’s Part in a National Movement
    Presented by: Katie Furia, Oregon Double Up Food Bucks Program Manager, Farmers Market Fund
    Presentation: DUFB_K.Furia_Feb.20.2016

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