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Oregon Gearing Up to Celebrate Nat’nl Farmers Market Week: Aug 4-10th, 2019!

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Oregon is joining other states across the U.S. in celebrating National Farmers Market Week from August 4-10. In coordination with the national Farmers Market Coalition (FMC), the Oregon Farmers Markets Association is organizing a variety of activities to commemorate the occasion.  Although many markets and market lovers across the state have participated in Farmers Market Week in the past, this is only the second year that Oregon has had a coordinated, state-wide push. We couldn’t have been more proud of how it turned out last year, and are excited for this year’s activities!

Farmers Market Week is really meant to showcase the efforts of our amazing farmers markets, and as such, OFMA and FMC have provided a variety of useful tools and templates that markets AND customers can use to get involved in the festivities!  You can check out FMC’s tools here, and also see below for some activities and templates that we further customized for use specifically by Oregon Farmers Markets, Farmers Market Vendors and Farmers Market Shoppers.  They include a farmers market photo contest, small sponsorship opportunities for your market, customizable proclamations for  local government officials, social media promotion tools and tools for inviting your elected officials to the market!

Photo Contest | Social Media | Activities
Proclamation Template | Invite Elected Officials

Enter the (2nd annual) Farmers Market Week Photo Contest!


Calling all vendors, market managers and farmers market shoppers!

We love farmers markets and we know you do too! In honor of National Farmers Market Week, we want to showcase everything we cherish about our markets in Oregon. From the friendly faces to the beautiful food, “behind the scenes” shots and market-day programs, we want to see your reason(s!) for loving farmers markets…

How it works:

Submissions were accepted until Friday, July 26th at midnight PCT. Photos are now posted to the OFMA facebook page until August 3rd for a round of public voting via “likes” to determine the crowd favorites! One crowd favorite and one OFMA pick will be selected per category. Winners will be announced during Farmers Market Week, beginning August 4th.

Winners in each category (listed below) will have their photo featured on our website and market newsletter and receive a small OFMA prize. OFMA staff and board will choose one Grand Prize winner. This winner will have their photo featured on our OFMA webpage for a whole year, until Farmers Market Week 2020! They will also receive a market goodie bag and unending bragging rights.

2019 Categories are:

  • Pretty Products - Irresistible sungold tomatoes, steaming hot tamales, shining honey jars spread on a beautiful tablecloth… what’s your favorite?

  • The Big Picture - All markets look different from afar- what does yours look like when you take a step back? What’s special about where your market takes place? What does a customer see when they approach your market? Show us your vistas!

  • Furballs and Feathered Friends - Terrier dressed as a carrot? Bunny's first blackberry? Give us your cutest. We've heard reports of market petting zoos and parades and we want proof!

  • Action Shots - Vendors making change, staff popping canopies, musicians playing away, volunteers running a sampling station- what are your best candid moments and scenes?

  • Community Love - People are the heart of markets. Show us your community! Families of all shapes and sizes, shoppers old and young, diverse faces and happy smiles.

  • Market Miscellaneous - We want to see whatever markets mean to you. Funny shots and behind the scenes are highly encouraged

    Remember: 1 like = 1 vote… so go show those pictures some local food love today!

Celebrate on Social Media!

We invite everyone - markets, vendors AND customers- to use the following hashtags during Farmers Market Week to celebrate Oregon markets and markets all over the country.

#farmersmarketweek   #oregonfarmersmarkets       

FMC has also provided a variety of FM infographics you can download directly from their website and share on Facebook or other social media platforms leading up to or during FMW.

Farmers Market Week Activities!

OFMA-Sponsored 2018 Farmers Market Week Activity (FDNP celebration and fruit sampling), Oregon City Farmers Market.

OFMA-Sponsored 2018 Farmers Market Week Activity (FDNP celebration and fruit sampling), Oregon City Farmers Market.

Farmers Market Week is a great opportunity to do a little on-site promotion of your market!

Here are some ideas for activities:

  • Host a cooking demo;

  • Give out "I Heart Farmers Markets" stickers or temporary tattoos from the Farmers Market Coalition.

  • Host a farmers market tour for your elected officials

  • Put together a raffle prize basket as a fundraiser for your market

  • The list goes on!

OFMA is pleased to be sponsoring 4 farmers markets across the state who are planning Farmers Market Week activities, Aug 4-10, 2019. These markets were selected mini-sponsorships using a competitive process, which was open to all OFMA farmers market members. Hear, in their own words below, why these activities are so creative and impactful!:

Montavilla Farmers MarkeT - “‘I <3 Farmers Markets’ TEmp Tattoo Give-away,”Sun, Aug 4th.

We have an ongoing children's program -- each week 2 nutrition interns from a local university lead an activity that highlights the benefits of fresh, local, seasonal produce. Children are normally rewarded with a sticker. On August 4th, we plan to have kids color or paint their response to the question, "What do you love about the farmers market?" It would be grand to reward them with something special -- an 'I Love Farmers Markets' temporary tattoo from the Farmers Market Coalition!

The 'coolness' of the prize will make the activity stand out in children's minds. It will also be a opportunity for kids and parents to consciously think about what benefits the market brings to their lives.

Aloha Community Farmers Market- “Market Bucks,” Thurs, Aug 8th.

In addition to the $1 "Sprouts Club bucks" we always do, this week, to celebrate National Farmers Market Week, we will have $1 "ACFM bucks" to gift to 50 market patrons throughout the market day on Thursday, August 8th.

We are also planning other activities for Farmers Market Week -- including participating in the late July OFMA photo contest using previously-purchased "I love farmers market" temporary tattoos and our market's own "photo booth" -- and during that week (e.g., we'll be hosting a balloon maker and local musical act), all of which will serve to celebrate this week in style!

Clatskanie Farmers Market- “POP Club ‘Eat Your Colors,’” Sat, Aug 10th.

For the month of August the CFM POP Club will focus on Eat your Colors with activities that encourage children to eat a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables. To celebrate Farmers Market Week children will have their $2 POP token and a CFM Tic Tac Toe card to guide them through the market. Each square of the game card has a market item to find. For example, one square says, "Find a red fruit" and another says, "Find a vegetable that is not green." When a child has found 3 in a row then they can collect a I love Farmers Markets tatoo and share with the POP volunteer what they found and how they spent their token for the day. This activity not only will have children hunting for produce at the market, but seeing the variety of colorful produce too. The game will also include some of the other things sold at the market to raise awareness of the many local products the market has to offer. Children along with their families will need to visit many of the booths and use a keen eye to complete the activity. Besides all the benefits of the POP Program, these activities offer fun things for families to do and try while at the market. The CFM is an important part of our small community and I hope families will enjoy their day at the market and return again and again.

The Dalles Farmers Market - “Birthday Bucks game,” Sat, Aug 10th

tdfm  Green  Logo.jpg

All shoppers are invited to write the date and month of their birthday, i.e. May 9th, on a sticky tag obtained at the entrances of the park & wear it around the Market. If they encounter anyone, a shopper, vendor or musician who has the same birthday, both will be awarded a "Birthday Buck" at the Market Manager's booth - Good for $1 that can be spent anywhere in the market, for the rest of the season.

The game is designed to be fun, get strangers talking, acquaintances to learn more about each other & encourage shopper interaction with vendors. Folks can win one "Birthday Buck" for every Birthday Buddy they find.

What are YOU doing for Farmers Market Week?…

*If you are a business or funder and are interested in sponsoring a Farmers Market Week activity in 2019, please contact us at

Make a Local Proclamation!

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 11.52.27 AM.png

We are thrilled announce that Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s office has issued a statewide proclamation, officially declaring Aug 4-10, 2019 “Oregon Farmers Market Week!” View it here. This is the second year in a row that the Office of the Governor has acknowledged the hard work and major impacts of the farmers market community here in our state. Download a copy here.

Umpqua Valley Farmers Market celebrating an official Farmers Market Week proclamation made by their local officials, Aug 2018.

Umpqua Valley Farmers Market celebrating an official Farmers Market Week proclamation made by their local officials, Aug 2018.

Getting your own local government officials involved in promoting your market can be a great way to build partnerships, establish credibility and solicit buy-in for your activities.  Requesting your local officials make a proclamation in honor of Farmers Market Week is a great, no-cost tool for doing just that.  To help with this process, we customized a local proclamation template, found here, based on FMC’s template, just for Oregon farmers markets to use. Download it, customize it for your own town or county, and reach out to your local government to request that they make it official!

Invite Elected Officials to Your Market!

Thanks in large part to all of OFMA’s member markets who email, called, and visited their state Senators and Representatives in Salem, the state of Oregon recently gave Farmers Market Fund $1.5 Million to expand Double Up Food Bucks at farmers markets across Oregon! Farmers Market Week is the perfect opportunity to invite your elected officials to visit your market. It’s a wonderful way to show off your hard work, get some extra media attention, and help your legislator learn about the impact of DUFB first-hand. Interested?? Our friends at FMC have put together this handy guide to inviting elected officials for a visit. Feel free to email Molly from FMF with any questions (