Going Green

Why go green?

Many farmers markets in Oregon have incorporated environmentally friendly programs and practices into their daily operations.  At OFMA, we believe that environmental responsibility is a cornerstone of a healthy local foods economy and therefore strive to support these efforts.  See below for some ideas for how your market can get a little greener!

Getting started

Green initiatives have a place at markets of all sizes – urban and rural.  See below for some presentations given by market operators during the 2018 Farmers Market Track of the OSU Small Farms Conference to learn more about how Oregon markets have done some amazing work, often with the help of community partners, to reduce their environmental footprint:

Green Markets Campaigns: a presentation by Betty Benson, Forest Grove Farmers Market Volunteer and Master Recycler.  See the variety of inspiring initiatives offered at FGFM, a medium-sized suburban market, with the help of their dedicated Master Recyclers and other volunteers: reusable dishware, recycling, youth education programs and more.

Durable Dining: a presentation by Amber Holland, Manager, Portland Farmers Market.  See how PFM, a large, urban market, piloted, learned lessons, and refined a relatively large, successful reusable dishware and composting program at their market.

The Solar Market: a presentation by Jim Fanjoy, Board Member & Architect, Manzanita Farmers Market. See how this small, rural north coast market leveraged internal expertise and municipal funding to install solar panels at their market to run a bandstand and power their hot food vendors. *Note: this is a large document, so when you click the link, you will need to download it to view it.