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About the board


2018 OFMA Board President, Kaely Summers, visits the Oregon City Farmers Market for Farmers Market Week.

OFMA runs on mostly volunteer power, and our OFMA board is no exception!  Check out our current hardworking board members on our Board Member Page. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer OFMA Board Member, please read the “Board Member Commitments” section below, then fill out our Board Member Interest Form.

Board Member Commitments

  • Be a positive representative of OFMA to the public, our members and our partners;

  • Commit an avg. of 5-10 hours per month to OFMA activities (Varies based on time of year, officer roles and committee participation);

  • Be responsive in communications with staff and other board members;

  • Attend monthly Board Meetings: 9-10 via conf call and 1-3 in-person meetings;

  • Do your very best to attend and help out with Annual Meeting activities each year;

  • Make outreach phone calls to 10-15 markets during the annual Membership drive;

  • Serve on 1 working committee

Board Member Interest Form

If you are interested in joining OFMA’s Board of Directors, please fill out our Board Member Interest Form. This form is not a  binding commitment, but rather a means of identifying potential future board members for when openings arise.  An OFMA representative will contact you shortly after receiving this form to talk to you about next steps.