Rapid Market Assessment

Collecting Market Data:
The Rapid Market Assessment Approach

In 1998 Larry Lev and Garry Stephenson from OSU Extension Service developed a simple, fun and yet effective market research method called Rapid Market Assessment (RMA). RMA provides markets research methods to determine market attendance and to collect useful market data.


  1. How did you first find out about the market?

  2. How did you travel to the market?

  3. Will you be doing any additional shopping in the business district on this trip? If yes, please estimate the amount.

  4. What stopped you from buying more in the market?

  5. How much did you spend in the market?

  6. Do you come to the farmers’ market for the products, the atmosphere, the c rafts or some combination.

  7. Why are you downtown?

For more information about these research methods read Tools for Rapid Market Assessment or contact:

Garry Stephenson
OSU Small Farms Extension Service

Farmers’ Markets research by Oregon State University Small Farms