Why Farmers Markets?

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  • Farmers markets serve lots of Oregon communities! There are over 130 farmers markets throughout the state, each with their own local flavor!

  • Farmers markets provide families of all income levels, with access to healthful, locally, and regionally produced foods through the more than 70 Oregon markets accepting SNAP benefits and other critical food access programs - because we believe that fresh, healthy food is for everyone!

  • Farmers markets are small business incubators! Data, recently collected by the Oregon Farmers Markets Association, suggests that over half of the vendors at a typical, rural farmers market are brand new entrepreneurs, with less than 3 years' experience under their belt. Support the next generation of farmers by shopping at your local farmers market!

  • Did you know that only $0.15 on the dollar goes too farmers when you buy food at a grocery store? Support your local farmers by shopping at the farmers market, where they keep 100% of those dollars!

  • Did you know that customers at farmers markets have 15-20 social interactions vs. 1-2 at a traditional grocery store? Farmers markets are great for their communities! Visit your farmers market this week and chat with YOUR neighbors

  • Did you know that farmers market food is WAY fresher than traditional retailers? Farmers market fare avgs half a day since harvest at farmers markets, vs. an avg 13 days at a retailers. That's a delicious reason to support your local farmers markets!

  • Did you know that the US loses 1 acre of farmland every day? Support those vendors selling at YOUR local farmers market to help keep working lands in production!


  1. State-specific data collected by Oregon Farmers Markets Association.

  2. National data provided by the Farmers Market Coalition.